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De-Cluttering your Identity Space

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 10, 2023 12:00—12:20
Location: B 05

My presentation is based on a statement during the 2022 CISO panel at the European Identity & Cloud Conference. The statement claimed that undue complexity any identity and security architecture may create a security risk in and upon itself.

I'd like to present a case where I postulate what needs justify introducing a third party IAM og IGA solution, and when the current state of the Microsoft identity (Azure AD/Entra) platform is likely to cover the needs of an organization.

In my presentation I will primarily explore the needs of the SMB organization and to some degree a less complex MLE organization and try to assist decision makers in navigating the often difficult task of deciding if what you have is good enough.

De-Cluttering your Identity Space
Event Recording
De-Cluttering your Identity Space
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De-Cluttering your Identity Space
Presentation deck
De-Cluttering your Identity Space
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Reidar J. Boldevin
Reidar J. Boldevin
I have an IT career spanning twenty years. Throughout that time I've been a consultant focusing on solutions for the financial industry, government and public organizations and the defence...


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