The End of PWD?
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Panel: Passwordless For the Masses

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 10, 2023 11:30—12:00
Location: B 09

Eve Maler
Eve Maler
Venn Factory
Eve is a globally recognized pioneer in identity and access management and standards, with roots in semi-structured data modeling and the API economy and a passion for fostering successful...
Rolf Steinbrück
Rolf Steinbrück
Rolf Steinbrück is a Senior Solutions Engineer in DACH and CEE at Yubico. Before joining the company, Rolf worked at Sophos for over 17 years. There, he was responsible as Professional...
Sadrick Widmann
Sadrick Widmann
Sadrick Widmann joined the company to transform his management and IT talent into a compelling and intelligent customer solution. As the CEO of Widas ID, together with Yael Widmann he is...


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