R.O.N. - Return on Negligence – The Impact of Cybercrime
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R.O.N. - Return on Negligence – The Impact of Cybercrime

Combined Session
Wednesday, November 09, 2022 15:00—15:20
Location: Historic Kassenhalle

The cost of doing nothing is something that today we have to factor into many aspects of our lives.  Inaction hurts and we’ll briefly talk about the 6 degrees of separation for the connected areas that are impacted by Cybercrime.  There is more at risk than what can be solved by technology.

Denny Prvu
Denny Prvu
Royal Bank of Canada
Denny Prvu has been fortunate enough to work around the world with public and private sector organizations as a strategist, architect, and communicator on identity, security, and privacy topics for...


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