Zero Trust
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Zero Trust

Combined Session
Wednesday, November 09, 2022 14:00—15:00
Location: Wilhelm von Humboldt

Let’s Think Zero Trust – for IT, OT and Products

Over the past two years, Siemens has been on a mission to protect a global enterprise through the highest Zero Trust standards, and this journey is far from over.

In this session, program lead Thomas Müller-Lynch share his experiences on the road to Zero Trust readiness of all assets from IT and OT.

Thomas Müller-Lynch
Thomas Müller-Lynch
Thomas joined Siemens 24 years ago. During this time, he took over various IT positions covering web, document management and during the last 10 years IT infrastructure technologies. Now as...

Zero Trust Journey, How We Moved from an Immature Organization to Zero Trust

This is the story of our journey to Zero Trust, from the initial analysis to its technical and effective implementation. As many organizations our starting point was not the best one (lack of proper asset management, mixed permissions, etc) but when we started to work on a Zero Trust implementation we were able to overcome these and also solve some unforeseen problems and offer major security also through Human Factors and Risk Management. The aim of this talk is to inspire security leaders on what is a Zero Trust Architecture (which is not an off-the-shelf solution and desn't require massive initial investments) and how they can reuse their internal knowledge and tools to deliver it.

Fabrizio di Carlo
Fabrizio di Carlo
Fabrizio is the former Head of Product and Infrastructure Security for Scoutbee, prior that he spent 6+ years in the Financial Services Industry where he designed and secured systems for some of...

Zero trust is table stakes, Zero knowledge is the next evolution

Zero trust has been around in one shape or form in security for many years, usually under different names like the "Principle of least privilege" or "Mandatory Access Control''. It exists for a good reason, and needs to be re-enforced. But for any cloud native vendor, Zero Trust should be table stakes at this point. Zero knowledge at the organizational level, and not just Zero knowledge encryption, is the next evolution of security best practices. Join us to learn more.

Zane Bond
Zane Bond
Keeper Security
Zane Bond is the Director of Product Management at Keeper Security. In his role, Zane is responsible for driving product strategy while building the product roadmap for Keeper' portfolio. Zane has...


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