Government's Cyber Architecture
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Looking into the International and German Governmental Cybersecurity Architecture: Are we Prepared for Today's and Tomorrow's Threats?

Combined Session
Wednesday, November 09, 2022 14:20—15:00
Location: Historic Kassenhalle

From Christina Rupp’s initial talk, we have seen that Germany’s governmental cybersecurity architecture is a complex ecosystem. In this Panel Session, we will discuss challenges and requirements of European institutional cybersecurity architectures and how such architectures should be equipped to address current and future threats .

Bjarke Alling
Bjarke Alling
National Danish Cybersecurity Council
Group Director of Liga, Member of the National Danish Cybersecurity Council and Chair of the IT Security Committee at The Danish IT Industry Association. Years of experience with Enterprise IT...
Prof. Dr. Kai Rannenberg
Prof. Dr. Kai Rannenberg
Goethe University Frankfurt
Prof. Dr. Kai Rannenberg holds the Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security ( at Goethe University Frankfurt since 2002. While the chair is part of the Faculty of...
Christina Rupp
Christina Rupp
Stiftung Neue Verantwortung
Christina Rupp is Project Manager for International Cybersecurity Policy. Her work focusses on issues of cyber diplomacy and cyber foreign policy, especially with regard to international norms for...
Drs. Jacoba C. Sieders
Drs. Jacoba C. Sieders
Jacoba is a digital identity expert, eager to make digital life better and a lot more secure than it is today. Keynote speaker at international IAM congresses and teacher of masterclasses. ...


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