CYFIRMA and Deloitte Workshop
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Break the Kill Chain – An Intelligence-Led Model to Cyber Defence

Tuesday, November 08, 2022 13:00—16:00
Location: Caroline von Humboldt

Knowing if, and when, an intruder has made his way into your organization is critical to minimize damage and fallout. The cyber kill chain provides a framework for defenders to use an intelligence-driven approach to uncover cyberattacks at the early stage of planning and thwart an invasion that is in progress.

In this workshop, CYFIRMA and Deloitte will take delegates into the dark web of the hacking community, unravel threat indicators and use predictive intelligence to strengthen cyber controls. The approach will give security teams the much-needed asset – time – to build more effective and efficient defences. Delegates will gain a deep appreciation on the importance of having an external threat landscape monitoring capability and see their vulnerabilities from the lens of a hacker.

The 3-part workshop will cover the following:

Session 1 (50 minutes + 10 minutes break)

Walk on the dark side and see what happens before the organisation is infected with a malicious code. Learn how to spot threat indicators and use mitigation strategies to stop the progression of the cyber kill chain.

Session 2 (50 minutes + 10 minutes break)

Understand what action needs to be taken after a malware attack is executed, implemented and distributed. The infiltration event requires an immediate response to secure the IT infrastructure, data and people. Deloitte will share the best practices gleaned from the battlefield and show how to prepare for such an attack.

Session 3 (60 minutes)

Learn how to harness security control tools and resilience capabilities across all phases of the cyber kill chain and explore an intelligence-led cyber defence strategy to meet emerging threats. Knowing that you are a target and being prepared before the attack occurs is key to winning against the cyber adversary.  CYFIRMA and Deloitte will evaluate the learning from Session 1 and 2 and illustrate the importance of early detection in the cyber kill chain to thwart an attack.

Max Kaiser
Max Kaiser
Deloitte GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
Max is a Senior Manager in Cyber & Strategic Risk and an expert in Cyber and Business Resilience. His focus is on cross-industry consulting on cyber business continuity management (BCM), IT...
Ralph Noll
Ralph Noll
Deloitte GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
Ralph is a Partner at Deloitte Cyber and the main point of contact for Cyber Resilience & Response issues, including cyber incident response, cyber forensics and cyber wargaming. Ralph has more...
Dirk Wahlefeld
Dirk Wahlefeld
Dirk Wahlefeld is a proven technology leader, consistently applying his deep technical expertise and prowess to deliver tangible outcomes for partners and customers. Dirk has over two decades of...


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