Novel Authentication Mechanisms
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Identity Ecosystems for a Better Customer Experience

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 15:10—15:30
Location: B09

Portable, verifiable and, most importantly, reusable representations of personal data can enable high-touch, high-trust and low-cost engagement between customers and networks of complementary service providers. The EU is already adjusting to the opportunities of Self-Sovereign Identity, but the private sector needs to demonstrate more high-value use cases in order to force beneficiary regulations and an enabling environment for the technology. The tools and techniques of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), including the no-code capabilities provided by ProofSpace, can be used to create trust networks within an organization’s existing technical infrastructure in order, for example, to verify that a credential shared by a customer was issued by a trusted partner. A valuable use case for this is re-usable Know Your Customer verification. Other high-value use cases for SSI trust networks include: networks of affiliated hospitality services referring and on-boarding customers; networks of educational institutions verifying academic credentials; networks of employers verifying employment histories; and web 3.0 and DAO communities verifying member reputation and voting rights for management and governance purposes. A brilliant case study for this is ProofSpace’s work with the pro-democracy opposition of Belarus, where Self-Sovereign Identity enables a decentralized and secure “virtual country”, offering private and public services to unite, serve and empower the pro-democracy community.

Identity Ecosystems for a Better Customer Experience
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Identity Ecosystems for a Better Customer Experience
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Identity Ecosystems for a Better Customer Experience
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Identity Ecosystems for a Better Customer Experience
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Nick Mason
Nick Mason
Nick is the CEO and Co-Founder of ProofSpace (formerly ZAKA), a no-code platform for issuing, holding and verifying reusable identity credentials. They serve clients in healthcare, e-Gov and Web...


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