Nick Mason
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Nick Mason

Co-Founder & CEO

Nick is the CEO and Co-Founder of ProofSpace (formerly ZAKA), a no-code platform for issuing, holding and verifying reusable identity credentials. They serve clients in healthcare, e-Gov and Web 3.0 and contribute to digital identity best practices through WHO, WEF and other fora. 

Nick studied Economics and Geography at Trinity College Dublin and Paris Sorbonne IV. He was an analyst at Toniic, a global impact investor network. He then built a portfolio of 200 social ventures for blue-chip UK firms at BeyondMe and was the co-founder of an education charity in Sierra Leone, which he merged with Street Child in 2017 and where he now serves on the Board.

Nick Mason
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May 11, 2022
15:10 - 15:30
Identity Ecosystems for a Better Customer Experience
Combined Session


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