Novel Authentication Mechanisms
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Novel Authentication Mechanisms

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 14:30—15:30
Location: B09

SSI Market Size (and opportunity in web3.0) and use cases

Who is this new beast, which widespread technology is going to be used everywhere from banking to metaverse, travel to healthcare? The technology that has no limits in its application across sectors is equally welcome in centralised and decentralised worlds. Meet, self-sovereign identity (SSI).

How do you quantify the impact of a paradigm which will completely transform how we interact with identity and more broadly, authentic or trusted data? Our estimates say its market size is $550b / $0.55Tr.

We’ll give a brief rundown of SSI applications across Finance, NFT, Banking, Crypto and many more.

Fraser Edwards
Fraser Edwards
Fraser Edwards, CEO & co-founder at cheqd. Prior to cheqd, he has successfully led a digital identity pilot for the World Economic Forum, Dutch and Canadian governments. Fraser has patents in...

The CASE for a Vehicle Lifecycle Ledger

Mobility-as-a-service is changing the way people move. From mobility based on driving your own car, it is converging to the consuming of various services using multiple modes of transportation. Ranging from eScooters, bicycles, ride-sharing to car-sharing, ride-hailing and public transport.

Dr. Harry Behrens
Dr. Harry Behrens
Harry is the CTO and co-founder of bloXmove and has been working in the software and internet industry for more than 20 years. He has been involved with the topic of blockchain and DLT since...

Identity Ecosystems for a Better Customer Experience

Portable, verifiable and, most importantly, reusable representations of personal data can enable high-touch, high-trust and low-cost engagement between customers and networks of complementary service providers. The EU is already adjusting to the opportunities of Self-Sovereign Identity, but the private sector needs to demonstrate more high-value use cases in order to force beneficiary regulations and an enabling environment for the technology. The tools and techniques of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), including the no-code capabilities provided by ProofSpace, can be used to create trust networks within an organization’s existing technical infrastructure in order, for example, to verify that a credential shared by a customer was issued by a trusted partner. A valuable use case for this is re-usable Know Your Customer verification. Other high-value use cases for SSI trust networks include: networks of affiliated hospitality services referring and on-boarding customers; networks of educational institutions verifying academic credentials; networks of employers verifying employment histories; and web 3.0 and DAO communities verifying member reputation and voting rights for management and governance purposes. A brilliant case study for this is ProofSpace’s work with the pro-democracy opposition of Belarus, where Self-Sovereign Identity enables a decentralized and secure “virtual country”, offering private and public services to unite, serve and empower the pro-democracy community.

Nick Mason
Nick Mason
Nick is the CEO and Co-Founder of ProofSpace (formerly ZAKA), a no-code platform for issuing, holding and verifying reusable identity credentials. They serve clients in healthcare, e-Gov and Web...


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