Security as a pillar for the success of Industry 4.0

  • TYPE: DATE: Wednesday, October 27, 2021 TIME: 17:30-17:50

Over time, Industry 4.0 has gained popularity and the will power needed to make this industrial revolution a future come true. From additive manufacturing to cyber-physical Systems (CPSs) changing the automation of processes and sharing of information with Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning and Big Data at the core, giving birth to smart environments such as smart factories. This presentation will seek to give an understanding of how Africa has:

  • Implemented and scaled Industry 4.0
  • its readiness (Infrastructural- penetration levels/connectivity)
  • required relationships and partnerships
  • Human capital talent and the various verticals absorbing Industry 4.0
    • Examples are: Agriculture as Informal and service as formal

As the adoption and practice of connectedness increase, cybersecurity becomes an important discussion in ensuring the industry reaps the business value of Industry 4.0 with minimal risks to stakeholders. From the presentation, a final deep dive is given as we seek to answer what are some of the threats and high level smart security recommendations, solutions and strategies that should be taken towards securing the people, processes and technology that consists of this shift to ensure a sturdy continued assurance of security for players in the Industry 4.0 ecosystem with a bias on smart manufacturing.


Virtual Event

Securing Industry 4.0

Contact person:

Mr. Levent Kara
+49 211 23707710
  • Oct 27, 2021 2:00 - 6:00 pm CEST