Human Factors in Cybersecurity
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Human Factors in Cybersecurity

Combined Session
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 12:00—13:00

Is your supply chain as solid as a rock?

Since US’ Target in 2014 to recent SolarWinds breach, including the NotPetya cyberattack, 3rd parties are a key element of company’s risk management. In some sectors, 3rd party’ security evaluation is now strictly regulated. Moreover, new data privacy laws enforce data processors responsibilities.

How to evaluate the risks? How are suppliers handling such evaluation? How to enforce security requirements in RFPs? What can bring cyber insurance in this context?

The objective of this presentation is to provide feedback of experience and give some hints to start or improve your 3rd party security management

Eric Bärenzung
Eric Bärenzung
Over the last thirty years, Eric Bärenzung has worked across four continents on delivering large scale IT projects among other roles. From aeronautics to PayTV industry, including retail, he...

What a CISO needs to know about GDPR

Stefan Hessel
Stefan Hessel
reuschlaw Legal Consultants
Stefan Hessel is Attorney-at-Law (Germany) and Associate in the Cybersecurity & Data Protection Team at reuschlaw Legal Consultants in Saarbrücken.

The human factor in Cyber Security - Creating a cyber aware culture

Alex Weishaupt
Alex Weishaupt
Morgan Philips
Alex Weishaupt leads the firm’s cyber security practice and is based in the Frankfurt office. He specializes in broader Information Security placements. Alex is passionate about working...


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