OpenID Workshop

  • TYPE: Workshop DATE: Monday, September 13, 2021 TIME: 09:00-13:00 LOCATION: CHIEMSEE
Friday Workshops

EIC Pre-Conf Workshop hosted by OpenID

 OpenID Foundation Workshops provide technical insight and influence on current Internet identity standards. Technologists from member organizations and others will provide updates on key issues and discuss how they help meet social, enterprise and government Internet identity challenges.

This workshop will include a panel discussion on the ongoing global adoption of the Financial-grade API (FAPI) security profile with use cases from the US, Australia and Brazil featured. The workshop will also include updates on the OpenID Certification Program as well as all active Foundation working groups.


9:00-9:05  Welcome & Introduction

9:05-9:30  Panel Discussion: Securing the Future of the FAPI Ecosystem –Updates on Global Adoption in the US, Australia and Brazil

9:30-9:45  OpenID Certification Program Update

9:45-10:00 WG Update – AB/Connect

10:00-10:15 Self-issued OpenID Provider (SIOP) Update

10:15-10:30 WG Update – FAPI

10:30-10:40 BREAK

10:40-10:55 WG Update - eKYC-IDA

10:55-11:10 WG Update - Enhanced Authentication Protocol (EAP)

11:10-11:25 WG Update - Fast Federation (FastFed)

11:25-11:40 WG Update - MODRNA (Mobile OpenID Connect Profile)

11:40-11:55 WG Update - Shared Signals & Events

11:55-12:00 Closing Remarks


Joseph is a seasoned software engineer & architect with over 25 years’ experience, who started writing mobile apps before mobile apps existed. In 2010 he co-founded a successful mobile software development consultancy based in Glasgow (UK). He is the Senior Architect at Authlete,...

Bjorn Hjelm is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in Verizon Corporate Technology organization with over 20 years of experience in network planning, architecture, and implementation of advanced communication systems. He is currently involved in various Mobile Identity projects as well as...

Nat Sakimura is a well-known identity and privacy standardization architect and the Chairman of the OpenID Foundation. He is a co-author of many of the frequently used international standards such as OpenID Connect, JWT, JWS, OAuth PKCE, etc. He is currently editing ISO/IEC 29184 Guidelines for...

Dave is a co-chair of the Financial API Working Group at the OpenID Foundation, working on open standards for financial APIs, and is the technical representative for the Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA). He also represents FDATA within the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA)...

  Kristina  works as an Identity Standards Architect at Microsoft Corp. Her current focus lies in securing governance and interoperability among multiple decentralized identity implementations as well as building a path towards adoption of decentralized identity...


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  • Sep 13 - 16, 2021 08:00-20:00 Munich, Germany
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