Effective Risk Management

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Tuesday, October 08, 2019 TIME: 15:45-16:45 LOCATION: Ballroom

Pragmatic CyberSecurity and Risk Reduction

Organizations are at a tipping point, overwhelmed by cyber events, day to day operations, budget, and availability. Increasing triggers are compounding the problem along with increasing standards, compliance, and an overabundance of next best tools resulting in unsustainability.

A rapid-fire session will engage attendees on a pragmatic approach to risk reduction through a pragmatic CyberSecurity which simplifies the approach. Bringing clarity and focus to risk reduction efforts, while adhering to structure and standards is critical Organizations will benefit from a risk-based approach, prioritize efforts, reduction of gaps, impacts, and overall risk. The result is a move from continuous busy work is replaced by continuous improvement, reactive response is replaced by proactive efforts.

A corresponding PowerPoint and Excel Spreadsheet will be provided to attendees, kick-starting their move to pragmatic CyberSecurity and Risk Management.

Key takeaways:

1) CyberSecurity is not about tactical solutions, but requires very real strategic thinking. 
2) To maximize the update and effectiveness of strategic CyberSecurity, a pragmatic approach is best. one key option in Pragmatic CyberSecurity is using a risk based approach while embedding risk management into the equation. 
3) Slowing down the shotgun approach to an endless cycle of tactical tools procurement and failed implementations is understanding 'why' you are doing what you area doing. Then, prioritizing efforts and focus will lead to the successful adoption of the overall program as well as adoption of tools.

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Bruce Hafner, President and Cofounder of ClearArmor, is focused on bringing a pragmatic approach to CyberSecurity and Integrated Risk Management. In his role as President, ClearArmor has brought its flagship product, CSRP (CyberSecurity Resource Planning) to market. CSRP was born after...


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