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  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Thursday, October 24, 2019 TIME: 11:30-12:00 LOCATION: Salon A

Panel: How to achieve Cloud-enabled Zero Trust Access Management with Unprecedented Architectural Flexibility

It has for years been the conventional wisdom that enterprises wishing to push applications from the data center to the Cloud must use federation-based solutions for Single Sign-On and forego the notion of access controls at the “perimeter”. And while federation protocols like SAML, WSFED and OIDC all provide SSO, they do not allow for strict perimeter enforcement, fine-grained access control, or practical centralized log and session management. In this talk the panelists will explain how an innovative new approach – providing Web Access Management (WAM) as a set of REST-based Web services mediated by a dedicated Access API gateway – allows you to keep these and other crucial access management controls while enabling you to move to a hybrid cloud architecture, sever ties with legacy WAM systems in a controlled, stepwise manner, and radically increase the architectural flexibility of your access management environment. The speakers will highlight how this method – in which every access request is vetted before ever reaching an application – allows organizations to both achieve Zero Trust Access Control and take full advantage of the opportunities and efficiencies of modern computing architectures and technologies such as Cloud, containerization, and microservices.

Key Takeaways

The audience will learn how to achieve zero trust access management in the Cloud, which has been unattainable until now. Federation comes close, but does not provide the fine grained access control in the cloud that was once only available on premises through enterprise access management solutions.


Etienne Bertou is a system architect and intrapreneur with over a decade of professional experience in web technology and high tech product development. In recent years he focussed on scaling Philips Hue, the largest connected lighting system in the world, from a venture to the system it is...

Allan Foster has helped build ForgeRock into a multinational identity software vendor with offices on four continents. Allan’s deep technical knowledge has been well used in all aspects of the business while at ForgeRock, with responsibilities in Support, Engineering, Product Management,...

Dr Rachel O’Connell, founder & CEO of TrustElevate, which provides secure authentication and authorisation for under 16 year olds. Dr O'Connell is one of the preeminent authorities on electronic identification and age verification and is the author of a technical standard entitled PAS...

Richard Sand, CEO of IDF Connect, is reinventing web access management for the modern era. He is the primary architect of SSO/Rest™, a universal REST solution for single sign-on, authentication, and access management that can protect critical systems both on-premises and in the Cloud....




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