AI Geared Cyber-defense at the Cloud Marketplace - A Game Changer

  • TYPE: Innovation Talk DATE: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 TIME: 20:00-20:10
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Cyber security is facing an accelerated phase change. 

As on-premise budget are shifted to the cloud marketplace, automated on-boarding of customers becomes a must, while high value products are the only way to survive in such an environment. AI can play a critical rule in this game while successfully filling these requirements.

It is the power of the unsupervised learning AI approach that can make the difference.


Dr. Doron Chema (Ph.D.) CEO and Cofounder of L7 Defense. Doron has an extensive experience as entrepreneur and high-tech executive for 15+ years. Doron hold a Ph.D. in Bio-informatics and Prior to Co-founding L7 Defense, Doron serves as a Senior Architect, CTO and other senior...


Berlin, Germany

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