Mitigating Cyber Risks
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Mitigating Cyber Risks

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 15, 2019 15:30—16:30
Location: CHIEMSEE

The Anatomy of an IAM Cyber Kill Chain

In this presentation, SailPoint’s CTO & CISO will discuss why Identity and Access Management has evolved to become a key control at the center of security operations. He will present the anatomy of a typical cyber breach, and will highlight how the “IAM Cyber Kill Chain” plays its part in a modern attack. From this viewpoint, Mr. Rolls make a clear case for putting Identity at the center of cyber defense and creating an integrated approach to governing privileged access.

Key takeaways:

David Lee
David Lee
14 years typing letters and numbers into a computer screen and waiting for the magic to happen. Most of that time the magic was helping enterprises figure out how to manage all the accounts and...

The POWER HACKER – Don’t Let the Lights Go Out – A Look Inside the MIND of a Hacker

Hacking into a Power Station is something that is a scary thought about the possibility of someone being able to turn off the power or damage systems. We have seen major incidents in previous years in which the Ukrainian energy sector was hit by a cyber-attack that caused a power outage for more than 86,000 homes.
This session is a real-world hack into a power station that explains the process on planning and preparation, the major challenges of hacking into a power station, adapting to the risks, the perimeter security, engines and SCADA controls. The session will reveal some of the amazing security as well as some of the most shocking findings that will surely see people put hands on their face. It will share the challenges on reporting the findings to the board and the lessons learned.
It is critically important to know how cybercriminals target their victims, what you can do to reduce the risk and make it more challenging for the attackers who steal your information, your identity or your money or even turn off the power. This session explains how outside attackers or malicious insiders can exploit vulnerabilities using examples such as a compromised email account password that escalates into a full-blown breach of network security.

Key takeaways
1. Insights into hacking a power station 
2. This session describes the anatomy of a privileged account hack
3. How cybercriminals target their victims
4. Reporting Risks to the board
5. What you can do to reduce your risk and prevent abuse of your critical information assets

Joseph Carson
Joseph Carson
Joseph Carson is an award-winning cyber security professional and ethical hacker with more than 25 years’ experience in enterprise security specialising in blockchain, endpoint security,...

At the Intersection of API Security, Cybersecurity and IAM: the Next Wave of Intelligent Solutions

Speed, ease, intelligence and security are differentiating the next wave of identity and access management solutions in the market. Organizations are counting on APIs for broader access to increasingly sensitive data and services. They’re also using a variety of disruptive technologies to secure and scale their API infrastructures, ensuring customer data and sensitive IP are never at risk. Join us for a presentation around some of the modern and innovative technologies coming out of Ping Identity that intersect both IAM, API and cyber security practices, and how modern solutions are leveraging AI and machine learning to monitor your API transactions, help secure customer data, manage customer consent, enforce data access governance, and achieve regulatory compliance while simultaneously improving customer engagement.

Loren Russon
Loren Russon
Ping Identity
Loren has spent his career working in Taiwan, Utah, California, Boston and Colorado building high-performing teams that plan, develop and deliver some of the best software and cloud services in the...
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