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Panel: What are the Secrets to Successful AI?

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 15, 2019 11:00—12:00

You have AI. She has AI. It’s 2019. We’re all going to have AI powering conversational experiences with our customers. But there’s a problem. How do you make your AI stand out from your competitors’ AI?

Ken Herron
Ken Herron
Top-ranked Postscapes, Global Data, Digital Scouting, and Onalytica global IoT leader and the fourth most-followed CMO on Twitter worldwide, Ken Herron is the Chief Marketing Officer of UIB...
Mark Stephen Meadows
Mark Stephen Meadows
Botanic Technologies, Inc.
Mark Stephen Meadows is an American author, inventor, and designer. With 20 years in VR, 15 in AI, and 5 in blockchain he has designed and developed artificial intelligence applications at some of...
Lynn Sim
Lynn Sim
Singapore Art Museum
Lynn Sim leads the Marketing and Communications, Partnerships and Patronage, and Strategic Planning teams at the Singapore Art Museum. Her portfolio includes branding, marketing and communication...
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