Identity Capable Platform
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Future Business and Technology Requirements for Client-based Identity Management

Combined Session
Tuesday, May 08, 2007 15:00—16:00

The various phases of the client device functionality deliver different benefits to deployers and consumers. Overall, the capability at the device level represents a huge market opportunity for deployers, who can now more easily build identity-based functionality into all different kinds of devices in a standards-based format. From a consumer perspective, the client device functionality is equally as exciting given the personalization, privacy and security measures this functionality can allow them to employ--on any device, with all of the devices interoperable. The Advanced Client Technology, for example, makes clients ‘first class identity citizens’ with controls for privacy and connectivity challenges built into the specifications.

Conor P. Cahill
Conor P. Cahill
Intel Corporation
Conor Cahill is an Identity Architect working on the Identity Capable Platform (ICP) research project within the Coporate Technology Group of Intel Corporation. The ICP project is exploring how...
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