Implementing Science Fiction: Identity on the Internet of the Future

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Friday, September 21, 2018 TIME: 16:20-16:40 LOCATION: Emerald 2
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Cryptographic technologies are coming of age and entire industries are being reinvented around these new possibilities.  Pablos was part of the early Cypherpunks community where many of these technologies and the philosophy around them originated.  Armed with deep experience in cryptosystems, Pablos is one of the extraordinary few who can demystify these technologies and the potential they to bring to the world.

Pablos now works for Nathan Myhrvold at the Intellectual Ventures Laboratory, where all kinds of futuristic invention projects are underway.  Collaborating with Bill Gates to develop technologies for humanitarian impact, the Lab has invented a reactor powered by nuclear waste; an AI powered microscope to automate malaria diagnostics & a laser that can shoot mosquitoes out of the sky.

Having worked on cryptocurrency, anonymity systems & secure services since the 1990s, Pablos has always been ahead of the curve with his unique point of view on the future of crypto technologies.  Whether inspiring audiences at SWIFT, Credit Suisse, Fidelity or groups like Singularity University and the World Economic Forum at Davos, Pablos offers a relevant mix of education, entertainment, vision & inspiration.

In his keynote at Consumer Identity World, Pablos will describe a practical vision for the future of how we can build systems that embody our values for identity, privacy and access control online.



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