Blockchain for Compliance

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Self sovereign decentralised identities with verified claims on blockchain are slowly becoming reality. On the other hand, the concept of decentralised identities has been around for a while and in EU we already have frameworks and some existing technologies with capabilities to support this concept. Taking this into consideration, it appears that at least in EU we can accelerate the real world traction of SSIDs with blockchain-based proofs by bridging already deployed eIDAS compatible infrastructure with the next generation decentralised technologies.

At finID open source project we are working on an end-user technologies backed by blockchain smart contracts and trust aggregation oracles to build this bridge between existing and new DID technologies with the sustainable business model for the whole identity ecosystem.

Key Takeaways:

  • Converting SSID to eID in real world use cases.
  • Achieving GDPR and eIDAS compliance by using SSIDs.
  • Monetizing SSID ecosystem.


Peter is an experienced entrepreneur who spent the past 10 years architecting, developing and selling cybersecurity, identity & access management, and compliant e-signature solutions to global customers in finance and public verticals. Innovator, product developer and solution architect with...

There are currently two strong winds blowing through the Consumer Identity world as we know it. One is clearly stronger privacy and data protection laws, GDPR in Europe being a good example of it. Such an important topic has already influenced the capabilities CIAM systems need to have and introduced the new topic of Consent management. The other strong wind is clearly Digital Transformation. With many companies integrating digital technology into all areas of their business, this fundamentally changes the way they operate, deliver value and communicate to customers. These two strong influencers will redefine CIAM.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get insight in how consent management and just-in-time consent can and will enable and not disable your digital agenda.
  • See Digital Transformation platform needs finding their place in the CIAM core, and why.
  • Learn how new CIAM capabilities will evolve and how UMA may even play a key role in this.


Corné van Rooij is VP Product Management at iWelcome. He is also responsible for iWelcome’s Strategic Alliances. He has been working in the Security market for more than 20 years of which the last 15 years at two well know Identity and Access Management vendors. He is passionate...


Dr. Barbara Mandl is a KuppingerCole Fellow Analyst with a focus on topics related to the CISO role in large enterprises. Her previous role was Group CISO at Daimler until May 2017; She was also responsible for Global Identity and Access Management at Daimler and Security Architecture. Dr....


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