GDPR and the Future of Privacy

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 TIME: 15:30-16:30 LOCATION: AMMERSEE I

Is now the Time for Personal Data Stores?

The concept of a personal data store, as a means of providing the individual with control over their personal data, has existed for many years but to date there has been no significant adoption of such solutions. Personal data stores are starting to feature prominently in leading self-sovereign and consumer centric digital identity initiatives. So what has changed? This presentation will define what a personal data store is (and importantly what it is not), discuss the value personal data stores bring the digital identity ecosystem and also the limitations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personal data stores are widely applicable in building privacy enhancing, GDPR compliant identity solutions
  • There could be unintended consequences of using personal data stores – customer services become harder, concentrating personal identity into one store increases its value / risk etc
  • The real problem will be a mindset shift (from individuals and businesses)

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Steve Pannifer is a director of Consult Hyperion as well as being an identity technology and security expert. Steve works with banks, mobile operators and leading technology companies on digital identity strategy covering all aspects of digital identity – commercial, technical and...


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