CIAM, Privacy and Blockchain

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 TIME: 14:00-15:00 LOCATION: 409


Block, chain, and identity.  Three words that buzz, fade and mature. Order them differently and you’ll unlock your services.

This session will - without dealing with fancy DLT and B-word technologies - try to convince you that what you have done, what you are building, and what you foresee can serve your profound desires to improve the experience of your users if thought within a pragmatic strategy.

Following IAM best practices and examples of our last realizations for our customers, we’ll break the CIAM conundrum to small elementary components to rebuild together the fundamentals of an efficient CIAM strategy.

Each attendee, will then be able to understand the fundamentals of it, to size its maturity to it, and to shape roadmap milestones for what left.

One guaranty: No string attached but simplicity and pragmatism.

Though this presentation, attendees will understand how and why:
- KYC and user experience starts with a strategy and IAM is a key component of it;
- Fancy technologies might solve a lot of problems but being pragmatic and strategic is always the first step;
- Then quilting you own CIAM solution out of this strategy is perfectly fine.
- Finally, 1+1=3 is still true and by extracting the best from IAM investments of your company and your trusted parties, you’ll improve your services to your customers and users.


CIAM adoption is growing rapidly, but the category is not yet widely understood. Although CIAM’s basic functions – authentication, authorization, user administration, and identity access/repository services - are similar to traditional (workforce) IAM ones, they differ in the user experiences offered, scale of operation, software development practices, nature of services, and standards required.

Many businesses must work to comply with GDPR and other privacy mandates at the same time they bring new mobile-, cloud-, IOT-, or machine learning-enhancing products to market. What does the stick of privacy regulation have in common with the carrot of new businesses services? Both require establishing more flexible relationships with customers and greater sophistication in personal data handling.

In this session, Senior Analyst Dan Blum will explore alternate theories on how the CIAM market will evolve and suggest leading practices for:

  • Monitoring industry innovation in customer relationship enhancement
  • Building flexible identity hubs
  • Sharing personal data control


Dan Blum is an internationally-recognized expert in security, privacy, cloud computing, identity management and works as Senior Analyst at KuppingerCole. He develops Security Architects Partners’ business partnerships, creates content and leads consulting engagements. Blum provides...

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