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Jianchao Wang

Jianchao Wang

Director and Co-Founder
Jianchao Wang stands at the forefront of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, guiding AltoSice Cloud Solution from its early days as a promising startup to its current path towards becoming an influential force in the cloud technology sphere. With a rich background in the industry, Jianchao's forward-thinking and strategic insight has been crucial in addressing the nuanced demands of small and medium-sized businesses with bespoke cloud solutions.

Throughout his career, Jianchao Wang has made impactful contributions in various industries. At Prudential, he played multiple roles in development, infrastructure, and cloud engineering, managing large cloud systems. At ETU, Jianchao pioneered the use of generative AI for creating simulation scripts, leading to what might be the first-ever AI-generated simulation script in the field. ETU, known for its immersive simulations for Fortune 500 companies, benefits from Jianchao's blend of technical skills and strategic insights, making him a vital asset in the evolving fields of cloud computing and AI.

Jianchao's expertise extends to optimizing AI deployment in the cloud, ensuring companies can access these powerful tools affordably. His guidance helps organizations adapt AI solutions seamlessly into their current systems, enhancing efficiency and competitiveness without significant financial investment.

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June 04, 2024
10:30 - 12:30
Scaling and Optimizing Your AI Stack
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