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James Garza

James Garza

Trillium Capital Ltd.
James Garza has over two decades of experience providing exceptional financial services, during which he has gained extensive industry knowledge in a variety of capacities. James believes that every conversation is an opportunity. His journey in finance began many years ago and has taken him from Texas to Ireland.  He has held key positions in investment at prestigious firms such as JPMorgan Chase and Trillium Capital Ltd. As a Senior Data Scientist and Director, he has been at the forefront of financial technology innovation. His professional trajectory exemplifies an intersection of conventional financial expertise and state-of-the-art technological advancements. His position as a Lecturer at CCT College Dublin serves as additional evidence of his dedication to fostering the development of future finance professionals who are proficient in technology. In doing so, he utilises his AI and strategic thinking expertise.

A notable accomplishment in James's illustrious career is his publication in IEEE Xplore, where he explored the innovative application of reinforcement learning in stock market trading. This work underscores his commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology with financial strategies to enhance trading efficacy and investment outcomes.

James Garza, a speaker at the EIC 2024, exemplifies the spirit of innovation that propels the fintech industry forward by serving as an authoritative figure in the integration of finance and technology. Attendees will undoubtedly be motivated by his profound insights into AI, data-driven decision-making, and strategic investment planning; he will provide a roadmap for leveraging technology to achieve financial empowerment and success.

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June 06, 2024
11:00 - 11:40
Can AI Help to Deliver Transaction Integrity at Scale?
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