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Franziska Meilhammer

Franziska Meilhammer

Product Owner
tibe.io / Lindner AG
Through many years of working within the construction industry, which includes several years in the UK, I have gained a broad view of its challenges and specific domain knowledge.

In the digitalization team at the Lindner Group, we constantly sought ways to improve how things are done in the industry, aiming to make processes simpler and more digital. To expand these possibilities with software and products, tibe.io was founded in 2020. Tibe.io specializes in providing digital solutions, combining expert analysis, strategic planning, and cutting-edge technology to offer comprehensive support in modernizing and optimizing the construction industry's operations.

My work with this team has introduced me to the concept of Self-Sovereign Identity and its potential. Since then, we have developed an SSI-based solution for construction site access in partnership with esatus AG. As the product owner of inGo, I am engaged and eager to push this initiative forward. Our initial goal is to reduce time-consuming paperwork on construction sites, whilst focusing on the protection of data of the people involved, and also to offer a user-friendly and sustainable solution to all parties – all under the aspect of data sovereignty in a decentralized system.

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