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Anishma Mavuram

Anishma Mavuram

Product Manager
Anishma Mavuram, an accomplished professional with over six years in Identity and Access Management (IAM), specializes in integrating enterprise systems like SAP and Adobe Experience Cloud. Holding a Master's in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University, Anishma excels in architecting microservices such as shopping carts, approval processes, and risk management.

Beyond her IAM proficiency, Anishma actively contributes to cutting-edge projects at the intersection of IAM, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Large Language Models (LLMs). Her expertise extends to seamlessly integrating IAM systems with AI and LLM models, showcasing versatility and innovation in transformative technologies. Anishma's multifaceted approach ensures the security, efficiency, and advanced technological integration of IAM projects. Beyond her technical prowess, she envisions a future where IAM not only safeguards assets but also elevates user experiences. Anishma's journey exemplifies the transformative power of expertise, dedication, and a forward-thinking approach in the dynamic realm of IAM, AI, and LLMs.

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