Yaron Zehavi
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Yaron Zehavi

Senior Enterprise Architect
Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Yaron Zehavi has 20 years of experience designing and developing technology solutions. Yaron has been focused on the financial services sector since 2004. Yaron is Customer IAM lead overseeing the needs of digital platforms deployed in 12 banks across Europe serving more than 17 million customers. Yaron is focused on continuous improvement in how identities are managed across organizations operating in multiple jurisdictions while future-proofing to take advantage of emerging privacy enhancing technologies that empower the user through choice, consent and control.  Previously Yaron led digital transformation at Discount Bank (Israel) where he not only modernized a legacy banking infrastructure, he also was a driver for business processes reengineering and created new business models to drive stronger customer loyalty, increased revenue, operational efficiency and continuous compliance. During his tenure at Discount Bank, Yaron also represented the Bank in regulatory forums where he provided solutions for legal, privacy and technological challenges and influenced core banking regulations. Yaron has always been a hands-on builder while managing development and IT teams, frequently serving as a mentor to others and to his team to cultivate best practices. 

Yaron Zehavi
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May 11, 2023
17:30 - 17:50
The Decentralized Identity Journey has Begun in Financial Services
Combined Session


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