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Aserto.com helps organizations build secure applications. It makes it easy to add fine-grained, policy-based, real-time access control to your applications and APIs.

Built around established cloud-native, open-source technologies, such as OPA and Zanzibar, Aserto handles all the heavy lifting required to achieve secure, scalable, high-performance access management. It offers blazing-fast authorization of a local library coupled with a centralized control plane for managing policies, user attributes, resource and relationship data, and decision logs. And it comes with everything you need to implement RBAC, ABAC, and ReBAC.

Take a look at our open-source projects:
- Topaz.sh: a standalone authorizer you can deploy in your environment to add fine-grained access control to your applications. Topaz lets you combine OPA policies with Zanzibar’s data model for complete flexibility.
- OpenPolicyContainers.com (OPCR) secures OPA policies across the lifecycle by adding the ability to tag, version, sign, and test these policies. 

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