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Mental Health Challenges in Cybersecurity

Mental Health Challenges in Cybersecurity

Wednesday, December 04, 2024 14:30—15:30
Location: Satellit

Sarb Sembhi
Virtually Informed
Sarb speaks, writes and contributes to global security events and publications. He was the Workstream Lead for Thought Leadership of UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project and is the Co-Vice...
Jasmine Eskenzi
Co-Founder & CEO
The Zensory
Jasmine is the Co-Founder & CEO of The Zensory, an award-winning organisation dedicated to boosting both wellbeing and productivity. Jasmine and her team have helped over 100,000 people...
Cybersecurity and Mental Health: Navigating Crisis Impact

In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, mental health considerations play an essential cole. This presentation delves into the intricate relationship between mental well-being and the challenges faced in the realm of cybersecurity, with a specific focus on crisis situations.

Findings are drawn from scientific research and practical experiences gleaned from day-to-day operations within the CERT. 

During the presentation we explore:

  • Consequences of Cyberattacks: The devastating consequences of cyberattacks involving personal health data—especially sensitive mental health information—are far-reaching. We discuss the ripple effects on clients, patients, practitioners, and technology providers.
  • Addressing Mental Health in Cybersecurity Professionals: We acknowledge that mental health challenges affect cybersecurity professionals too. The stress and demands of the field can impact well-being, and fostering resilience is crucial.
Eileen Walther
General Manager
Northwave Deutschland GmbH
Eileen Walther is General Manager DACH at managed security service provider Northwave. She has many years of experience as a CISO, crisis manager and before her time at Northwave, she headed the...
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