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How AI Will change Cybersecurity Leadership

How AI Will change Cybersecurity Leadership

Tuesday, December 03, 2024 15:30—16:00
Location: Plateau

AI is set to revolutionize cybersecurity leadership by redefining how we approach, manage, and lead security initiatives. This talk explores AI's role in enhancing decision-making, predicting, and preempting cyber threats with unprecedented accuracy. We will discuss the integration of AI-driven analytics into threat detection and response, providing deeper insights and faster reactions. Additionally, we will address the ethical and governance challenges AI introduces, emphasizing the need for robust frameworks to ensure responsible use.

Attendees will learn about the essential skills for future cybersecurity leaders, including leveraging AI for strategic advantage while maintaining a vigilant stance on privacy and ethics. By examining both opportunities and challenges, this session aims to equip leaders with the insights necessary to navigate and lead in an AI-driven security landscape. Join us to understand how AI will transform not only the tools and tactics of cybersecurity but also the core of cybersecurity leadership.

Sounil Yu
Sounil Yu is the author and creator of the Cyber Defense Matrix and the DIE Triad, which are reshaping approaches to cybersecurity. He's a Board Member of the FAIR Institute; is a visiting fellow...
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