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The Future of Cybersecurity: 8 Recommendations

The Future of Cybersecurity: 8 Recommendations

Tuesday, December 03, 2024 14:15—14:30
Location: Plateau

This session will unveil the latest version of our strategic cybersecurity recommendations, providing a deep dive into four distinct future scenarios and their implications for cybersecurity.

During this enlightening presentation, Jonathan and Annie will explore the unique characteristics of each future scenario while highlighting the overarching themes that unite them. Attendees will gain a nuanced understanding of how varying futures could shape the cybersecurity landscape, from technological advancements to regulatory challenges and beyond.

This keynote is designed not only to inform but also to equip attendees with the strategic foresight needed to navigate the complexities of the next decade. By understanding both the divergent paths and common threads of these futures, cybersecurity professionals can better prepare to meet emerging threats head-on.

Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your strategic planning with insights from our latest research. Join us to explore what these futures mean for cybersecurity and how we can collectively enhance our readiness for 2034.

Anne Bailey
Annie Bailey is an analyst covering emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, and helps synthesize the implications for companies, industries, and markets. She holds a...
Jonathan Blanchard Smith
Director and Fellow
SAMI Consulting
Jonathan is a Fellow and Director of SAMI Consulting, where he heads the Government consulting business. Jonathan is leading the GO-Science Futures Toolkit refresh project. He led SAMI’s work...
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