The Omniverse SWOT
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The Omniverse SWOT

Thursday, May 12, 2022 19:20—19:40
Location: C01

Our headlines and podcasts are filled with the promise of web3. Positioned as a digital utopia that will foster and reward creativity whilst righting the wrongs of data equity. This new world, fusing our physical and digital – will be more immersive, collaborative and experiential than any technology we have known. However, along with the opportunities, it is already presenting new security, identity and privacy threats.

This presentation will explore where we are on the road to the omniverse. Both the opportunities to strengthen digital rights and decentralise identity, along with the very real threats that exploit digital trust. Understanding the weaknesses provides a window into the next wave of identity and security innovation.

The Omniverse SWOT
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The Omniverse SWOT
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The Omniverse SWOT
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The Omniverse SWOT
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Katryna Dow
Katryna Dow
Katryna Dow is the founder and CEO of Meeco; a personal data platform that enables people to securely exchange data via the API-of-Me with the people and organisations they trust ...


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