International perspectives on Identity
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International perspectives on Identity

Combined Session
Thursday, May 12, 2022 17:30—18:30
Location: B05

The Future of Digital ID in South Africa

In order to gain greater economic benefits from the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), there is a rising demand for a digital identity program in South Africa. The country is in the early stages of adopting digital ID, and there has been a lot of interest from the public and organizations. According to the Department of Home Affairs, a new biometric-based digital identity system, dubbed NIS, is now being built in South Africa and will go a long way towards improving access to several services for citizens and other foreign nations living in the country (DHA). Limited access to important services, such as government benefits, financial services, education, and other critical services, has a severe impact in South Africa. It is through these ongoing conversations that we can construct a more inclusive digital economy and bring about the societal transformation we need by focusing on developing a more inclusive digital identity that citizens recognize and trust.

Dr. Tshepo Magoma
Dr. Tshepo Magoma
SADC Secretariat
Dr. Tshepo Magoma is an independent digital identity researcher, strategist, and innovator with experience working in Africa’s small business and social enterprise sectors. Mr. Magoma is...

Shaping the future of India by verified credentials for labour workforce

How DID can solve identity problems
How interoperability solves data transparency
SSI solves the need for trust in the blue-collar worker segment.
Creating verified credentials for individuals and institutions

Nikunj Ladani
Nikunj Ladani
Nikunj Ladani, community-taught research, and design expert solving trust problems by building open web products for current and next-gen. Researching use-cases around DAO's. NFT's and Web3 for...

Progress and lessons on the establishment of Digital Identity in UK

Digital Identity is making huge progress at the moment. We are seeing Consumer activity, demand from relying parties and Government enablement. However that does not make successful implementation inevitable.

What Digital Identity encompasses, how it should work and how Trust is achieved between parties can all be interpreted difficult. This session will look at the lessons learned in progressing Digital Identity to help others navigate the options and decisions that they too will need to make

Martin Ingram
Martin Ingram
Martin Ingram is the Identity Product Owner for Natwest Group, in charge of transforming identity & access management for Natwest to support new Customer and Staff digital journeys. He has a...


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