OPA; Container & Kubernetes Security
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OPA; Container & Kubernetes Security

Combined Session
Thursday, May 12, 2022 14:30—15:30
Location: A05-06

Kubernetes and Crossplane at Deutsche Bahn

This session will be about the journey of Kubernetes and Crossplane at Deutsche Bahn, to provide platform consumers with access to a unified API for deployments, infrastructure provisioning and applications in a manner that is independent from the cloud, addressing compliance and cross-cutting concerns while providing a Kubernetes "native" experience.

The journey has not been without challenges, where the platform team has managed technical and functional requirements including an access model in an enterprise environment, user expectations of cloud native infrastructure usage, and issues with excessive API load, shared resources, as well as controllers written by the team and open sourced along the way.

Jan Willies
Jan Willies
Jan Willies is a Platform Architect at Accenture and contributor to the crossplane project. He is maintainer of provider-gitlab and provider-argocd, founded the Berlin CI/CD Meetup and organizes...

Deploying Open Policy Agent (OPA) at Scale and in Production

OPA is a fast rising star in the Authz market. In this deep dive we will cover lessons learned and best practice from early adopters on how to deploy OPA at scale and in production. How can you ensure consistent polices, how do you test and life cycle policies, how do connect with external data sources.

Gustaf Kaijser
Gustaf Kaijser
Gustaf Kaijser is the Head of EMEA at Styra, the creators and maintainers of Open Policy Agent (OPA). He brings 15+ years of experience from the security, software, telecom/mobility, and cloud/data...


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