Building the Infrastructure for Decentralization
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Building the Infrastructure for Decentralization

Combined Session
Thursday, May 12, 2022 12:00—13:00
Location: B09

Remote onboarding with Verifiable Credentials

Many companies are engaging in remote onboarding and need to adopt new methods of identity verification that can be done digitally. While new forms of ID verification are most prevalent today with Financial Services as a means of performing Know-Your-Customer regulations, there is nascent adoption across other industry verticals. In this session, the speakers will demonstrate an open standard based approach to ID verification based on verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers for remote onboarding across industries. With this new approach users can verify their identity once and use their credentials with any organization. Enterprises can leverage this simpler cost-saving approach to remotely onboard employees, partners and customers compliantly while respecting the end users’ privacy.

Ankur Patel
Ankur Patel
Ankur Patel leads Growth for Identity Security at Microsoft, championing the cause that everyone has the right to own their digital identity. His team delivers this new form of verifiable...

Implementing SSI using the existing web infrastructure

SSI and Verifiable Credentials are the latest development in identity management. They offer many benefits over existing federated identity management systems. Unfortunately some proponents of SSI are mandating that companies implement decentralised identifiers (DIDs) and blockchains in order to benefit from SSI. This is not necessary. In fact the W3C Verifiable Credentials Data Model Recommendation makes it clear that DIDs are not needed for verifiable credentials, and vice versa. DIDs and blockchains are something of a ball and chain around the legs of companies that want to benefit from SSI when leveraging their existing web based security infrastructures. This keynote talk will describe how it is possible to build standards compliant high performance, user friendly, SSI systems using the World Wide Web, Transport Layer Security, Jason Web Tokens, Web Authentication and X.509 public key certificates, allowing them to experience all the benefits of SSI without the ball and chain impediments of DIDs and blockchains. - the benefits of SSI over existing identity management systems - the downsides of DIDs and blockchains - the upsides of using existing World Wide Web infrastructure to build your SSI solution

Dr. David Chadwick
Dr. David Chadwick
Truetrust Ltd
As a Professor of Information Security at the University Kent, David Chadwick was an active researcher in identity management for nearly 30 years. His team built open source and closed source...

Verifiable Credentials on the front line

Learn how businesses are using verifiable credentials, decentralized orchestration and blockchain identity to reduce fraud, increase privacy and improve user experience. See real-world examples of production ready solutions from one state’s Department of Education and other public sector organizations. Learn how biometrics, proofing, KYC and other MFA services link with verifiable credentials through decentralized orchestration. See how paper-based documents like diplomas, academic transcripts and citizen identity are being replaced with verifiable credentials that reduce cost, increase security and privacy preservation. Learn how Ping Identity and other sources can issue and verify blockchain based verifiable credentials.

Mike Vesey
Mike Vesey
Mike Vesey, CEO President - Built and sold several companies that provide transformative IT solutions for the global enterprise. Technical visionary with deep experience delivering to the world's...


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