Securing Your Access
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Securing Your Access

Combined Session
Thursday, May 12, 2022 11:00—12:00
Location: B07-08

IGA in the Financial Industry - Implementing IAM

Field report from a compliance-driven implementing of a full-blown IGA system at a German finance corporation.

Mark Fodor
Mark Fodor
Interhyp AG
Mark is an Identity and Access Management Specialist for Interhyp based in Munich, Germany. He has been working in the financial industry for the last 4 years and was previously involved in several...

Drivers for Identity & Access Management in the Financial Industries

Identity & Access Management is a key requirement from banning regulations.

At Creditplus, a new IAM solution was implemented recently. Drivers for IAM as well as the overall design of the new solutions are presented in this talk.

Karim el Abiary
Karim el Abiary
Karim el Abiary is responsible for IT & business process optimization at Creditplus. Since April 2020, he has strengthened Creditplus Bank as Chief Information Officer (CIO) and is responsible,...

Bridging Traditional IGA with Cloud Native Authorization

IGA vendors often point to ABAC vendors when asked how authorization should actually be enforced and ABAC vendors point in the direction of IGA vendors when asked where all that context information is coming from. The talk will shed some light on how the grey area between IGA and cloud native authorization systems like Styra DAS / Open Policy Agent can be bridged. The focus will be on inhouse applications not on commercial off the shelf software as bolting a foreign authorization system onto existing software brings little benefit. We will share where different concerns like auditability, scalability and user experience for engineers and end users can be solved. 
Zalando has 4000+ inhouse applications and 280+ engineering teams so we will also talk about organizational scalability by using 100% automation and self service. 

Magnus Jungsbluth
Magnus Jungsbluth
Zalando SE
Magnus has been working for two decades in software engineering with a strong focus on security and cryptography. At Bundesdruckerei he led a platform team for trustcenter applications and worked...
Nuwandi Wickramasinghe
Nuwandi Wickramasinghe
Nuwandi has been working as a software engineer for almost a decade with the last 7 years in identity & access management. At WSO2 she worked on the Identity Server product and helped clients...


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