Human-Centric Identity
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Human-Centric Identity

Thursday, May 12, 2022 09:50—10:10
Location: C01

Security vs experience. Platform vs best of breed. Fast vs thorough. The identity technology world forces us to make trade-offs. These difficult decisions are an endless exercise in technical and logistical nuances like developer and IT resources, product licenses, integrations, and deployment methods. 

Get ready! We are entering an era where IAM professionals can rise above those tradeoffs, and rapidly evolve from technical experts to experience artists by using solutions that customize, code, and integrate for you. This means humans can focus on what humans do best: creating amazing experiences, differentiating from competitors, reacting to market trends, leveraging innovations like decentralized identity and partnering with business owners to anticipate and exceed user expectations.

Candace Worley
Candace Worley
Ping Identity
Candace Worley joined Ping Identity as Chief Product Officer (CPO) in May of 2020. As CPO, she is responsible for advancing global product vision, leading technical product innovation efforts and...


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