Digital Identity and Privacy: Stories from the Frontline
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Digital Identity and Privacy: Stories from the Frontline

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 15:30—15:50
Location: C01

As the pace of digitalization gathers momentum, organizations are witnessing a dramatic increase in the number of digital identities. These identities interact with systems and applications relentlessly to perform day-to-day IT tasks. Nevertheless, maintaining the privacy of this data is a daunting task. Enterprise data is hosted in multi-tenant cloud, managed service providers and distributed data center environments. How an organization can maintain data privacy in this evolving IT access control use-cases depends on the level of preparedness to protect and monitor those digital identities. An identity and access management solution provides adequate safeguards to enforce IT practices necessary to maintain data privacy.

Anil Bhandari
Anil Bhandari
ARCON TechSolutions
Anil Bhandari is an inspired innovator, technologist, and thought leader in Information Risk Management. He serves as a Mentor & Thought Leader and provides his invaluable insights for the...


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