Advocating for Decentralised Identity in Europe: 7 Lessons Learnt
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Advocating for Decentralised Identity in Europe: 7 Lessons Learnt

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 14:50—15:10
Location: C01

Decentralised identity has taken Europe by storm: from a flourishing private sector, to impressive government initiatives, to the draft eIDAS regulation, it seems a question of how and when, not if, this technology will be come the standard across the continent.

Sebastian Manhart - an identity entrepreneur and expert - was hired by the German Chancellery to promote the use of decentralised identity across Europe. In this process, he met with over 300 policy makers of all levels of seniority from all European member states and the European Union to discuss the current state and the potential of digital identity. Come to this talk to find out what he learnt, where he believes we are at, and - crucially - what the future of decentralised identity holds for Europe.

Sebastian Manhart
Sebastian Manhart
Sebastian is a serial tech entrepreneur and digitisation expert, supporting governments around the world with large-scale implementations of technology. He is currently working as Technical...


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