Implementing Zero Trust
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Panel - Best Practices for Implementing Zero Trust

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 17:30—18:10
Location: A03-04

The “zero trust” approach to cybersecurity has been gaining momentum in recent years, as both corporations and government agencies have struggled with how to enhance security given the de-emphasis on the network perimeter. For the most part, the zero trust movement has remained rooted in network principals. However, in the last two years, much of the world was forced to interact exclusively online, creating a sense of urgency around zero trust security and the “never trust, always verify” philosophy behind it reached a new level of importance.

In this panel, you’ll hear from security leaders who have approached and implemented zero trust with an identity-first philosophy, considering it a transformative way of reducing friction for users, while addressing the increasingly challenging risk environment. They believe a true zero trust environment requires a strong identity and access management framework. 

Fabrizio di Carlo
Fabrizio di Carlo
Josephina Fernandez
Josephina Fernandez
Josephina Fernandez is Senior Director, Enterprise Security, Cisco IT. In her role, she is responsible for Infrastructure Security within Cisco IT, including the delivery of enterprise Identity...
Den Jones
Den Jones
Banyan Security
Den Jones brings a unique mix of leadership and IT implementation experience to Banyan as CSO. Drawing on more than 20 years of expertise driving IT and security initiatives at large enterprises,...
Frank Smal
Frank Smal
Frank Smal is EMEA Channel Director for the digital security business segment at Entrust, focusing on Identity, Cloud and Zero Trust. Frank joined Entrust in 2015. Throughout his 7 year tenure at...
Julie Smith
Julie Smith
Identity Defined Security Alliance
Julie is responsible for executing the mission of the Identity Defined Security Alliance on behalf of the membership and the identity and security community. Throughout her career she has held...


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