KYC, Passwordless & Identity
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Why KYC Isn’t Enough

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 18:10—18:30
Location: B05

Organizations across all sectors, from banks and fintechs to telcos and mobility service providers, need to be sure not only that they comply with local regulations but also they need to verify the identities of their customers before they can provide access to their services. However, at the same time they also need to make the whole user experience as smooth as possible.

In this session we will discuss how to:

●               Attract customers with a low-friction experience

●               Detect and deter online fraud and account takeovers

●                Meet KYC and AML compliance mandates

●                Establish and maintain trust through the Jumio KYX Platform

Why KYC Isn’t Enough
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Why KYC Isn’t Enough
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Why KYC Isn’t Enough
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Why KYC Isn’t Enough
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Ingo Ernst
Ingo Ernst
Ingo is a committed Fintech entrepreneur with extensive experience in developing risk management and compliance software, implementing operational processes and managing multi-discipline teams...


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