Digital Transformation: From Idea to Reality
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Digital Transformation: From Idea to Reality

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 17:30—18:30
Location: B07-08

Building a robust CIAM foundation, fit for the dynamic financial market

As organizations are recovering from the pandemic, many of them embark on a digital transformation at high-speed. Investments to drive online business, powered by customer insights and an attractive user experience, yet secure and compliant to rules and regulations, have never been bigger.

NN, an international financial services firm with over 15,000 employees, is changing from a traditional insurance firm into a modern and online financial services firm that focuses on frequent and valuable customer interactions. NN is providing these online services across multiple channels in a secure and compliant manner while offering its customers an outstanding user experience. For this NN has implemented a robust innovative IAM platform that entails key functions like identification, verification, authentication and authorization, fit for the dynamics of the financial industry.

Join Ronald van der Rest & Bas Kerpel, who lead NN's IAM Platform Teams, as they explain how powerful Customer Identity & Access Management can be, when you are transforming your organization to become successful in doing business online. Ronald and Bas will share relevant insights into NN's IAM Platform and will touch especially on its identity orchestration capabilities.

Key takeaways:

* How to onboard new customers within 2 minutes while applying a zero trust approach

* How to add or change authentication flows in real time without the need to code or re-code

* The power of CIAM as the foundation for modern online business models

* How to maintain a clean architecture while connecting IAM products to build valuable and sustainable solutions

* IAM compliancy considerations in the financial industry

Bas Kerpel
Bas Kerpel
Bas is working as Product Owner of Onboarding & Authentication at NN. The O&A team will deliver 2 things. a. Implement a 2 minute digital customer onboarding for all our retail customers...
Ronald van der Rest
Ronald van der Rest
Ronald is working as Product Manager of the CIAM platform within NN. His goal is to create a robust, scalable and flexible CIAM platform, which enables the organization to utilize identity and...

Implementing Multi-Region Identity Identifiers and IAM

Software systems need Identity identifiers for distinction and persistence. Actually, possibility to distinguish identities is needed for us, humans, using these systems.  Persistence of identifiers is needed by software systems and question of persistence arose on the same day when computers became able to run more than one process and store data electronically. As a system designer and developer, I will talk about challenges and considerations related to Identity identifiers in non-homogeneus environments.

Neeme Vool
Neeme Vool
Neeme Vool is currently working as Software Engineer and Architect in the Digital Identity department at Swedbank. Small and professional team is implementing IAM processes for the whole big...

Siemens AG: Real-World Enterprise IAM at Scale

In today´s unpredictable business environment where change is the normal, it has become critical to have a manageable and scalable Identity & Access Management program in place. In this Best Practice Presentation, Leonardo Morales will talk about the challenges and his learnings from implementing state-of-the-art IAM at Siemens AG, and what the next steps will be.

Leonardo Morales
Leonardo Morales
Siemens AG
Leonardo Morales is an IT Solution Architect and lead of Identity Lifecycle Management at Siemens AG. As an Architect with focus on Identity Lifecycle he is working in different areas from the...


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