Decentralized Ecosystems Track
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Decentralized Ecosystems Track

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 15:30—16:30
Location: B09

The 'Credentials-first Mobile-first' Identity Ecosystem

This is a new development in the world and touches on mDL, Verifiable Credentials, decentralized identity, and personal data topics. A forward-looking presentation about what the world might look like, the foundational changes represented by this change, and some current and potential innovations that are now possible because of this.

Andrew Hughes
Andrew Hughes
Ping Identity
Andrew Hughes CISM CISSP is Director of Identity Standards at Ping Identity. He is a digital identity strategist contributing to international standards development. He works with international...

Cardea: verifiable credentials for health information go open source

As an incubator for innovation in air travel, Aruba has chosen to use verifiable digital credentials to manage entry requirements and health testing for travel to the island. This decentralized, open-source technology, which provides secure authentication while preserving traveler privacy, was developed by SITA and and donated to Linux Foundation Public Health as  Cardea. In this session, representatives from Aruba’s government, Indicio, and SITA will discuss why they chose a decentralized approach, how they created a trusted data ecosystem, and why the ability to verify personal data without having to check in with the source of that data will transform air travel, healthcare, and tourism

Heather Dahl
Heather Dahl
Heather is Co-founder and CEO of Indicio, the market leading developer of enterprise-class verifiable data solutions that optimize your existing systems ensuring digital privacy, efficiency, and...
Yuri Feliciano
Yuri Feliciano
Government of Aruba
As an appointee of the Prime Minister of Aruba, Yuri heads the Aruba eGovernment pilot project. He currently supports the government of Aruba as the innovation advisor to the Minister of...
Adrien Sanglier
Adrien Sanglier
Adrien is Program Manager at SITA Lab, and runs the Blockchain & Digital Identity Research program. He brings experience developing innovations and proving new concepts on live customer...

Drone Pilot Credentialing for Air Safety

Drone operations are estimated to bring €10bn/yr to the EU economy by 2035. A critical e-Government issue is the ability to fly drones in regulated airspace around airports. Unauthorised drone operations in the flightpath of passenger aircraft can endanger lives and cause huge financial loss for airport operators. Heathrow Airport has invested >£10M in security systems to track and destroy unauthorised drones. Digitising the entire drone flight approvals process will involve many steps, but the major one we are addressing is verifying pilot training credentials. SSI could radically improve this currently cumbersome and low-trust process. In an Innovate-UK grant funded project (Fly2Plan), we developed an SSI PoC for a drone pilot training company to issue training certificates as verifiable credentials to drone pilots, which can be verified by Heathrow Airport. In this talk we present our learnings and future work.

Dr. Keerthi Thomas
Dr. Keerthi Thomas
Keerthi is a Technologist at Digital Catapult, UK’s premier innovation lab. Keerthi has been pioneering the use of blockchain and self-sovereign identity (SSI) technology in the nuclear and...


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