Demystifying Zero Trust
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Zero Trust at Siemens: Where the impossible and the doable shake hands

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 12:40—13:00
Location: A03-04

Two years ago, Siemens started a still going on process to change its security architecture to Zero Trust. Not an easy task for a company that big, widespread, and divers in products.

In this session program leads Thomas Müller-Lynch and Peter Stoll are talking about what they mean when talking about Zero Trust at Siemens, what everyone can learn from the approach Siemens is taking, and what they are planning as their next steps.

Thomas Müller-Lynch
Thomas Müller-Lynch
Thomas joined Siemens 24 years ago. During this time, he took over various IT positions covering web, document management and during the last 10 years IT infrastructure technologies. Now as...
Peter Stoll
Peter Stoll
Peter joined Siemens more than 25 years ago. During this time, he held various IT, cybersecurity and business positions in consulting and pre-sales and as project lead in IT and cybersecurity....


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