Demystifying Zero Trust
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Demystifying Zero Trust

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 12:20—12:40
Location: A03-04

“It’s about the journey, not the destination” they said. “It’s basically just Don’t Trust But Check, what’s the real difference?” they said. “ What’s the big deal?” They said.

Zero trust has been the panacea to everyone’s security problems, for a really long time now, and yet we are still talking about it, and not just doing it. It’s no surprise that there is a certain level of cynicism then that zero trust was all marketing and no trousers.

If 2021 brought us anything though, it was finally some clarity that zero trust really does have a role to play in the enterprise, just not by itself. Various vendors and enterprises have finally conceded that while it is important, it is just one part of the puzzle to help organisations manage their ever changing, digitally transformed, hybrid working, flexible, work from home environments.

Everything changed with zero trust, and now it is actually helping us to change again. In this talk, learn from;

Where zero trust came from, and where it is now
What the new working paradigm means for CISOs…
… and how zero trust environments and working models can help, not hinder, even without a final destination

Demystifying Zero Trust
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Demystifying Zero Trust
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Demystifying Zero Trust
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Demystifying Zero Trust
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Milad Aslaner
Milad Aslaner
Milad Aslaner has 15 years of international experience in cybersecurity. He has served as a trusted advisor for several global organizations across Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Public Sector,...


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