Demystifying Zero Trust
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SASE vs. Zero Trust: Perfect twins or antagonists?

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 12:00—12:20
Location: A03-04

The concepts behind Zero Trust and SASE are not new, but recent developments in technological capabilities, changes in the way people are working, accelerated adoption of cloud and Edge computing, and the continued evolution of cyberthreats have resulted in both rising in prominence.  

As organizations seek to improve their security capabilities, many are evaluating Zero Trust and SASE to determine whether to adopt either, one, or both.  Join this session to understand what each can potentially deliver and the exact nature of the relationship between them.   

Warwick Ashford
Warwick Ashford
Warwick Ashford is a Senior Analyst who researches cybersecurity and identity-related topics, including emerging technologies and trends. He has been writing IT news and analysis as a journalist...
John Tolbert
John Tolbert
Background: John Tolbert is a Lead Analyst and Managing Director of KuppingerCole, Inc (US). As Lead Analyst, John covers a number of different research areas, outlined below. John also advises...


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