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Digital Identity & Web3- Rethinking Business Models

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 12:20—13:00
Location: B09

We define digital identity as the high value transactional data for an individual, entity or object that gets captured shared and stored in order to authenticate, verify, or authorize a transaction or interaction. The pace of digital transformation and the way we create and manage identities online and offline has not kept up with the demands of the digital world. Next gen web3 platforms enable a future where blockchain, decentralized networks and AI create a more secure and private identity management system with users at the center. The result is users taking back control of their digital identities, a reduction of the need for 3rd parties or fee charging middle men, and a proliferation of peer to peer networks. Against this backdrop, traditional business models can be restructured to take advantage of the new context which includes richer information flows, seamless payments, trusted data transfers and an increased range of potential counterparties. The reduced friction around data in motion along with increased security and privacy can lead to a myriad of new business models—self sovereign data marketplaces, decentralized autonomous organizations and global cooperatives. For individuals and entities, they can transact directly with a peer or third party. We will discuss several use cases: 1) how individuals might assemble, secure, share and monetize their data given these next gen platforms; 2) new business models for banking and Know Your Customer (KYC); 3) healthcare access w SSI; and 4) data marketplaces.

Dr. Harry Behrens
Dr. Harry Behrens
Harry is the CTO and co-founder of bloXmove and has been working in the software and internet industry for more than 20 years. He has been involved with the topic of blockchain and DLT since...
Michael Engle
Michael Engle
Michael (Mike) Engle is a proven information technology executive, leader, and entrepreneur. He is an expert in information security, business development, and product design/development. He...
Ankur Patel
Ankur Patel
Ankur Patel leads Growth for Identity Security at Microsoft, championing the cause that everyone has the right to own their digital identity. His team delivers this new form of verifiable...
John Phillips
John Phillips
John Phillips is an expert in Digital Trust frameworks (including Self-Sovereign Identity), is a co-founder of Sezoo, and leads the 460degrees Ventures, Emerging Technology and Education...
Jacqueline Shoback
Jacqueline Shoback
1414 Ventures
Jackie is a co-founder and managing director at 1414 Ventures, an early stage digital identity-focused venture capital firm. Key themes for investment include cybersecurity, identity access...


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