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From A to B - How Decentralized Technologies Are Changing Collaboration Between the Public and Private Sector

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 12:00—12:20
Location: B09

The world of modern urban mobility is full of - unused - opportunities. To get to their destination, people can use public transportation, take a cab or rent an e-scooter. But many options also means many providers. Anyone who uses more than one of the aforementioned forms of transportation to get from A to B will inevitably be confronted with a fragmentation of their journey. This is anything but smooth and user-friendly. A simple example makes this particularly clear: If Erika Mustermann has to go to London for a business meeting, she first takes the suburban train to the airport, then gets on a plane, and then has a cab take her to the hotel. That's three different booking processes with three different mobility providers. Decentralized technologies, on the other hand, enable a new kind of efficiency and effectiveness in the back-end networking of different providers. But how can such a seamless customer journey be implemented so that both mobility service providers and customers benefit equally? Sophia Rödiger, CEO of bloXmove, is happy to tackle this challenge in a talk on IT Trans. In doing so, she explores the question of how, for example, the individual players in local public transport can cooperate with each other while remaining independent and what role blockchain technology plays in this. She also explains how providers can save resources through the decentralized concept while gaining more customers. In addition, she puts a special focus on how the cooperation between the public and private sectors can be changed by the approach in the long term.

Sophia Rödiger
Sophia Rödiger
Sophia Rödiger is CEO and co-founder of the mobility blockchain platform bloXmove, which enables mobility providers to seamlessly implement their offerings in a global alliance. Rödiger...


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