Mitigating the Business Impact from Cybercrime
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The Changing Cyber Threat Landscape and its impact on IAM (I)

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 11:40—12:00
Location: A05-06

Identity and Access Management and Cyber Threat Intelligence have more in common than you might think: The protection of an organisation’s most valuable digital assets which is the foundation of business success.

IAM as the strategic data protection and data security initiative establishes security from the inside, whereas Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) extends the perspective from the outside. Combined, they give businesses a comprehensive strategy to protect crown jewels.

Security leaders face an uphill task as cyber-criminals become increasingly creative, highly innovative, and armed with an arsenal of seemingly unlimited resources. The ongoing and endless rapid digitalization coupled with an uncertain geopolitical climate compel security leaders to re-think their cybersecurity strategy.

In this exclusive security workshop, delegates will hear how the threat landscape has changed and the importance of using an intelligence-led approach to proactively predict threats.

Deep Dive to the Changing Threat Landscape

Defenders who are equipped with a deep understanding of their external threat landscape and use those insights to guide internal security controls will develop an effective IAM strategy.

Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt
Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt
Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt joined KuppingerCole in January 2021 as Advisor & Analyst. Prior to this, he worked for various management consultancies, primarily advising major banks on challenges...
Kumar Ritesh
Kumar Ritesh
CYFIRMA’s Founder and CEO, Kumar Ritesh, has 2+ decades of global cybersecurity leadership experience across all facets of the cybersecurity industry. He spent the first half of his career...
Dirk Wahlefeld
Dirk Wahlefeld
Dirk Wahlefeld is a proven technology leader, consistently applying his deep technical expertise and prowess to deliver tangible outcomes for partners and customers. Dirk has over two decades of...


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