The Empowered Consumer and the Next Era of Digital Identity
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The Empowered Consumer and the Next Era of Digital Identity

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 08:50—09:10
Location: C01

Centralized account-based computing has been around for 50 years. While digital users, devices, and use has exploded, this paradigm remains with us and is causal to the issues that we see today in trusted digital services. We are seeing growing identity theft, growing digital commerce fraud, digital provider regulatory pressures, declining user trust in services with generally poor user support tools. 

To right these wrongs, we need a new way of thinking. One that is inherently people-first and designed to put individuals in control of their data and digital experiences.

In this session, we’ll introduce how Avast is thinking about consumer identity and the values, tools, and collaboration needed to achieve this vision and bring decentralized identity to the mainstream.

Charles Walton
Charles Walton
Digital Trust at Avast
Charles Walton joined Avast in June 2021 to lead the new Digital Trust Services business. His remit is to define Avast’s business strategy, product roadmap, and go-to-market with a focus on...


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